Prepping wool scraps for felted acorns

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I knit with a lot of 100% wool which results in many wool scraps. I finally discovered the perfect use for them with this acorn tutorial from the HonestlyWTF blog. In the following photos I’m sharing how I break down the wool scraps to prep for felting. Making these felted balls can be tricky because a lot of cracks form and they can be difficult to cover. I recently tried to make these with roving that I had purchased from the craft store that didn’t require combing and it seemed to work pretty well but then you aren’t using your scraps. I scavenged some of the acorn caps but some I purchased on ETSY.

I could knit with these scraps but I needed this color. For whatever reason this light tan color seems to be easier to work with- fewer cracks in the finished product!

Trim the yarn into shorter pieces and place onto the comb.

Yarn will begin to fluff. Remove, replace on the comb and repeat.

Ready for felting.

My finished products. These were all made from yarn scraps.


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